Monday, May 9, 2011

Day One : Ravioli Bananzaa

Well Today is Day number 1. And suprisingly it was easier than I thought.  But that is only because I had three meals to plan for. I am sure as time goes on, it will get more challenging and I am sure I will be forced to try new foods, oh! Like tofu, I am not sure I want to try it, but eventually I probably will try it. Any good recipes for it?
Haha Well here is how today went.
Breakfast - scrambled eggs and wheat toast with strawberry jelly and a cup of milk
Lunch - Cheese Raviolis from Lean Cuizine
Dinner - Garden Ravioli Dish with Broccoli
This Dish was incredible. I want to share it with you.
Items needed - 20 Spinach Raviolis
4 Tbsp. Parmesan Cheese (shredded)
2 Romaine Tomatos (diced)
1/4 Red Onion (diced)
2 Tbsp. of fresh basil (finely chopped)
2 garlic cloves (minced)
4 Tbsp. Olive Oil

Directions - Boil 4000 mL (or 16 cups) of water in a deep pan. Once the water boils add your raviolis. Cook for 8 - 10 minutes stir often.
During the 8-10 minutes take a large mixing bowl and add in other Cheese the Tomatos the Onions the Basil the Garlic and the Oil and mix them together.
Once the raviolis are done, drain them and get all the water out. Mix them into the bowl with the rest of the items and grub down! :) they are delicious.

Desert - 1/3 of a red velvet cup cake

SO here we go on my thoughts it was easier than I thought. I did it! I drank 2.4 Liters of water. and then some!
I am satisfied I am not hungry I don't want any food, I am good :)

Also a shout out to my 5 followers! That excited me! :D Thank you!

<3 your veggie head

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  1. Way to go Veggie Head! It's not the veggies that attract me, it's the 1/3 of a red velvet cupcake! My weakness is sugar and I seem to crave it continually so I am trying to minimize my sugar intake along with you on your journey! Great job and I look forward to more details from your journey and more recipes :)