Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wa Wa Waaaansday :(

Okay so anyone who didn't catch my lame joke it was supposed to be like crying like waaaa I'm crying lol. School is out soon, and senioritous is prevalent. And I can't wait until summer comes and I graduate. I have a few good new things. 1. I have an A in psychology! :D 2. I got a 4 on a test in English! YESSS!

Okay well here we go Wednesday morning breakfast nice bowl of cheerios lunch a sandwich and dinner bean and cheese burrito :)

I will give you the recipe to the best lunch sandwich of your life ready? its for you sugar lovers

Items of need.
2 slices of wheat bread
peanut butter ( smooth or chunky what ever you like)
and Marshmallow Cream

Directions to do.
take one slice and smother it in peanut butter
take the other slice and squish em together and enjoy! :)

I am out for right now. :)

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