Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day2 a fewdays late

I feel so bad! I didnt blog Tuesday night, man okay well its time to play catch up....

I had a softball game I had to go to, as a part of cheer. And we get team meal for all the baseball or softball games we go to and we got mc Donalds. Bleh! I don't eat mc Donalds as it is, but i sat there and watched my fellow cheer sisters indulge in cheese burgers and chicken nuggets. I turned to fries, salty and greasy. They covered my grumbling tummy. About half way through eating them a gust of wind came and bam my fries were sprawled out around my flip-flops. Fail! That morning I had a bowl of cheerios. I didn't eat much. For lunch I had a half of a peanut butter sandwich. And for dinner I had scrambled eggs and a potato and broccoli. I know weird dinner.
I felt alone in this quest for healthy eating. I watched my family enjoy my mom's delicious BBQ chicken. It looked so good. This is getting hard. And it's only the second day. *sigh*
Oh well. I am ready to so this. All the way no cop outs no half doing it. That means in the next couple of days I will eat fish and tofu. Yikes! I am excited nervous and a little nervous thinking about it. Lol
Thank you supporters.


  1. You go Veggie Head! You can do it! You are an inspiration to this sugar-aholic! Think of how great you will feel when you get to the end and can say you did it!!! Full speed ahead and beware the tofu :)

  2. Thank you very much! You are an inspiration to finish strong! <3