Sunday, May 8, 2011


After reviewing my eating habits, and looking at the foods I was putting into my body, and expecting to keep a nice figure, I realized it was time for a change. This change will be a test of not only self determination, but also discipline. Will I have the strength to walk away from junk food during lunch, that soda or Starbucks when I am out and about. Will I be able to drink the 2.4 Liters of water daily and eat vegetables and ugh fruit. (Just an FYI, I hate fruit.) I am going to try, from now until May 25, 2011, I will be a vegetarian, I will cut back on sweets and Carbohydrates I will not drink anything but water, and 100% Fruit smoothies. 

I am doing this to see if I have enough self discipline to be able to change my eating habits. Thankfully, I am not doing this alone. I have my wonderful boyfriend doing this with me. I created this blog to document my thoughts, feelings and to share recipes who knows, maybe if someone reads this, what I have to say might help them, if it does, then this who thing was worth it. :) I will be documenting daily on how I feel, what I think, what foods I crave and what foods seem repulsive, in the end, I hope that this will help create healthy eating habits that will last a life time. 

I have 17 days to try and create a healthy menu for me. Food that will satisfy my biological needs as well as keep me physically in shape. 

I start tomorrow morning. 

Here is entry number 1: 
My feelings/thoughts - Well to be honest I am a little nervous, I hate fruit, I hate tofu, I hate fish, and I have most eggs. I know, I have gotten a lot of well good luck with that comments, but as stubborn as I am, I will prove to my self I can do this. 

Foods I crave - As of right now, I just want water, I feel so stuffed from Mother's Day dinner with my family, I feel like if you poked me in the stomach I could burst. So nothing but water. 

Repulsive food - Absolutly any thing that causes me to chew and swallow, Anythign think or creamy. Blehh My stomach hurts just thinking about food. 

Well Wish me luck, feel free to follow, comment or send me recipes you want me to try who knows it just might make it on here. 

<3 veggie head. 


  1. Good Luck Sis :) I will be Praying for you during the Journey/test!

  2. Hey I found your blog from your post on 1203 Rangers. Good luck with this challenge! I really respect how you're not only testing your self-determination and discipline through this challenge, but also making an effort to improve your physical health. Just as you were inspired by our English teacher to write and maintain this blog, I'm sure others will be inspired by you to also improve their own diet and health. Good luck again!
    -Matt A.

  3. Hi Plain Jane! I admire your self-determination and pursuit of greater health. I look forward to following your journey and pray that you are strengthened in body, soul, mind, and spirit!

  4. Steph, Thank you so much I appreciate it. :)

    Matt A, Thank you very much that means a lot.

    Passion4Him, thank you very much!

    You three made my DAY!